Printed Circuits Today

Nearly everything we produce today is Rigid Flex, or multilayer flex, so we have developed the expertise to bring these components together, and to help companies bring their advanced designs to market.

Our customer base has expanded quite a bit, as has the markets that we serve. Rigid flex is becoming a popular solution for difficult packaging solutions, due to size, weight, and reliability constraints. The boards have changed too. They are smaller, thinner, lighter, and some are just plain tiny. But rigid flex continues to offer the solution for putting more components into smaller and smaller packages.

Our markets have changed too. Our largest market today is the military electronics industry, followed by medical electronics, computer, telecommunications and instrumentation.

Industries Served
Military Electronics 50%
Medical Devices 25%
Aerospace – Avionics 15%
Telecommunications 5%
Instruments – Industrial 5%

We are centrally located, in the United States, in Minneapolis Minnesota, which has one of the highest concentrations of flexible circuit manufacturers in the World, affording us the technology, skills, and people to make your designs a reality. We have 55,000 square feet of manufacturing, with 80 employees. We are privately owned. The average employee has been with Printed Circuits for over 11 years, which is a testament to their loyalty, craftsmanship, and expertise in the unique disciplines of rigid flex manufacturing.

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Printed Circuits in the 90’s

The Rigid Flex portion of our business continued to grow in proportion to our overall sales, most of the applications continued to be electronics for the military and aerospace applications, but we started to get requests and do developmental work for medical, telecommunication, and computer applications.

Printed Circuits started in the Spring of 1977 and was incorporated April 1, 1977. Our first order was from the University of Minnesota, for 150 boards at $18.00 each. We were certified to Mil-P-55110 and built many boards for Litton Guidance and Control.

In the ‘80’s Printed Circuits built almost every kind of circuit board on the market: rigid, flex, single sided, double sided, multilayer, polyimide, BT, Teflon and metal core boards. In 1982 Printed Circuits built their first rigid flex circuit board, a simple two layer laminated rigid flex that was used as a laser bore site for a helicopter mount, in two years time Printed Circuits was the first fabricator certified to for Rigid Flex, and the complexity and demand for difficult Rigid Flex boards began to grow.

Early customers that helped encourage the technology were Litton, Eaton, Bendix Aerospace, Collins Radio, Delco, Honeywell, and ITT Avionics. All names that used Rigid Flex to advance the technology of their products with increased reliability, functionality, and reduced size and weight.