Printed Circuits Upgrades Photo Department


Date: May 22, 2018
Contact: Bob Burns- Printed Circuits
Phone: (952) 888-7900

Printed Circuits Upgrades Photo Department

Flex and rigid flex circuit board manufacturer, Printed Circuits has added two new pieces of equipment to
their photo department including a new Orbotech Paragon 8-watt laser direct imager and a Fusion 22
automatic optical inspection machine with laser via inspection capabilities.

“We purchased a 16-watt laser direct imager a few years back and needed to add capacity, particularly for
inner and outer layer photoimaging,” said Matt Tannehill, executive vice president. “The new LDI uses LSO,
or large scan optics, for very high throughput with excellent quality at the same time, which is critical for
our customers’ success. The new machine also has a very wide depth of field, which is ideal for
manufacturing flex and rigid flex circuits as they can often have a great deal of topography on the outer
layer surfaces. We are extremely pleased to have this new capability.”

“The Fusion 22 AOI machine is a natural complement to the laser direct imager. It is designed for laser via
inspection and HDI applications that have become increasingly popular. With a very high throughput and
low false defect rate, the Fusion greatly enhances our productivity in that department,” Matt continued.
“We are pleased to continue to augment our capabilities to meet our customers’ expectations today and in
the future.”

About Printed Circuits
Printed Circuits is a US manufacturer of multilayer flex and rigid flex printed circuit boards with over 40
years of experience building circuits typically used in high reliability applications such as medical, military
and commercial electronics where customers place a premium on reliability, package density, and weight.
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