Printed Circuits Installs New Burkle High Temperature Lamination PressPRESS RELEASE
Date: January 10, 2019
Contact: Bob Burns- Printed Circuits
Phone: (952) 888-7900

Flex and rigid flex circuit board manufacturer, Printed Circuits has purchased and installed a new Burkle high temperature, vacuum lamination press.

The new press is heated and cooled with oil. Added to their existing line, the new press offers vacuum lamination temperatures up to 625°F.

“A number of our customers have asked us to expand our capabilities to accommodate some of the newer materials on the market,” said Matt Tannehill, executive VP. “Some of their development applications require higher operating temperatures in service than our current materials can provide, or sometimes the materials we want to use need to be laminated at higher temperatures. Either way, we are excited to offer this new capability to our customers,” said Tannehill.

Ken Tannehill added, “We’ve had Burkle presses in production for over 30 years now. They offer state of the art lamination technology and absolute day in day out reliability and dependability, which is ideal for our operation.”

The new press has six openings, full vacuum, hot oil heating and cooling operated by the Burkle Process Technologies Control Center – computer controlled ramp up, cool down, pressure, and vacuum settings for customized lamination recipes that are ideal for today’s advanced technology applications.

To learn more about Burkle Lamination presses and systems, watch the video here:

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