Printed Circuits Process Capabilities

PCi Process Capabilities

Over twelve years ago, we made a substantial investment in a Laser Direct Imager from Orbotech and a combination UV/CO2 laser drill/router from Excellon that have given us the ability to make a remarkable break from conventional processes. The technologies have produced pretty dramatic improvements in our yields, fine line capability, and reduced process cost, all of which will give you a better product. To find out more about either technology, please click on the photo of the Orbotech LDI or Excellon Laser to visit their websites.

Printed Circuits Process Capabilities Excellon Laser

Excellon Laser

Orbotech LDI Printed Circuits Process Capabilites

Orbotech LDI

Laser routing provides + 0.002

Laser Routing

Laser vias and Laser direct imaging in rigid flex

Laser vias and Laser direct imaging

Each day new board designs push one or more areas of our technology curve and help us produce tighter tolerances and denser boards. The capabilities that we have listed below are given in general terms because they are interdependent – and it is possible that your requirements extend beyond the ranges given below. If your project is outside of those ranges, give us a call. We may have already produced it, and if not we’d like to work with you to expand our capabilities.

Board Attribute Standard Technology Advanced Technology
Layer Count 4-20 22-30
Board Thickness .009″ – .093″ .006″ – .125″
Internal Imaging .003″/.003″ .002″/.002″
Minimum Dielectric .001” .001”
Minimum Copper 12µ
Minimum Drilled Hole .008″ .006″
Minimum Laser Via .006” .004”
Aspect Ratio 10:1 > 10:1
PTH Size Tolerance .003″ .002″
Impedance Tolerance + 10% + 5%
Buried Resistors Yes Yes
Buried Capacitors Yes Yes